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Connemara Ponies Connemara Ponies

DevonRidge Farms is located approximately 15 kilometers west of the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Situated on 55 acres of rolling countryside, DevonRidge is the home of our Connemara Ponies.

DevonRidge Farms have been breeding and raising purebred and part-bred Connemara Ponies since 1990 and have produced many top quality foals. Our philosophy is to breed for conformation, temperament and performance ability. We want it all!

DevonRidge offers stallion services, frozen semen, mare care and foaling services as well as gentle breaking, and training for outside ponies and horses. All of our ponies are broke using the round pen method of training. This method is a very gentle way of breaking and the final result is a trusting and trustworthy pony. A pony that you can trust with your children! This training can carry right through to the pony being ready for the Show Ring.

The Connemara pony is well known for its gentle nature and athletic ability. Originating in Ireland, they are a hearty breed and do well in all climatic conditions. If you would like to find out more about the Connemara Breed please read THE CONNEMARA PONY Maureen Loughman Abel


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