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Everyone who knows Megan knows she isn't one to brag or compile a list of her achievements lol.. so weI will do a Bio of her life of horses and pics lol!


Megan started riding when she was 4 years old  (that may not totally be true.. I think she was riding her sister's pony before this but this was the start of her "independent" riding).   Her first pony was Lady, a gorgeous bay welsh cross pony      She found and negotiated on this little pony that was "for sale" when we went to a Pony Club Camp for her older sister... she thought she needed a pony too....    Of course, the owners thought Meg was cute  and insisted that we bring the pony home to try out.     I remember waking up the day after we got home at 5 am hearing a bunch of noise in the garage...   Meg (at 4 years old), had gotten up, caught the pony, tied the pony to her ddad's work bench and had a pail beside the pony as a mounting block and she was trying to climb on that pony!     I don't think there was any doubt in her mind that the pony wasn't hers :)


Together, they were "trouble" as they both loved adventure andi it wasn't easy to keep track of them !    Lady was a good teacher and Meg became a confident little rider.